Successful Companies Need Foundational Relationships

Built for Good

Our goal is to guide new companies and existing companies with new products to work with our experts, associates, and investors. Our collective goal is to develop life-changing technologies and tools that improve lives worldwide.

Built on Innovation

Turner Innovations is an evolved accelerator that maximizes societal impact in healthcare and technology. Work with us to found your company, ground it in solid principles, and build it with the proven guidance, ecosystem, and resources to succeed.

Built to Last

Driven by the mission of our founder, Dr. Clark Turner, the company was created to fund and incubate and manufacture products for the next generation of companies in health, tech, and life sciences. We believe in active acceleration.

Our Expertise Becomes Your Expertise

Our Story

Turner Innovations has been dedicated to excellence, innovation and improving world health for decades. We are now positioned to take our experience to new levels with multiple companies and products.

Our Team

Our team has both product expertise and the industry-leading vision.

The Turner Innovations opportunity


Our experience and unique process delivers market-ready devices that the market needs.

Supply chain

Our ability to source and scale relies on relationships both old and new.


Innovators need to bring new ideas to life. Whatever the device, chances are, we can build it.


The goal of our companies is to provide value for investors and practitioners.


The goal of our companies is to provide value for investors and practitioners.

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The chance to develop market-ready devices in multiple disciplines is here. We believe our products in imaging and beyond represents a unique opportunity for companies and investors.