“Dr. T.” D. Clark Turner, PhD

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had a number of commercial successes. For example, Aribex was founded to commercialize an idea for a handheld battery-powered x-ray device that became known as the NOMAD. We had successfully taken it from idea conception through product development and regulatory clearance, to manufacturing. When I sold the company we were the number 2 intra-oral x-ray source in the entire U.S. market and it was time to consider what I could do to give back.Since then, I have been focused on helping other inventors through the technology commercialization process. My current company, Turner Innovations, is focused on applied research and early-stage product development and prototyping to demonstrate technical feasibility of innovative technology ideas.Based on some of my experiences over the years, I realized that there is a strong need for a manufacturing partner to produce prototypes and finished products with a focus on customer service and quality. Turner MedTech was formed to fill that need.

The team at Turner MedTech have developed manufacturing capabilities and processes to provide a full range of products to make the commercialization process easier – less stressful. Whether a firm needs individual prototypes manufactured from 3D printers or CNC machining, or volume production of injection-molded components to fully-assembled electromechanical devices, Turner MedTech is a potential partner we hope you will consider. We invite you to contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs. We would love to help you. If we discover we don’t have the capability you need, we are more than happy to refer you to other companies in our network. Your success in your technology commercialization efforts is our ultimate goal.